Friday, October 12, 2007


TurnAZakus, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Beta Angel

Beta Angel, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Beta Midgets were a short line of Microman homage figures. They were for capsule machines. Unfortunately the plastic on these toys are very brittle and many, if not all, are deteriorating quickly.

Z-G Armada Ensign

Z-G Armada Ensign, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Z-G Cestus Mercenary

Z-G Cestus Mercenary, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Z-G Vanguard Trooper

Z-G Vanguard Trooper, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

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Motorbike, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Mazinger 1901

Fewture Mazinger Poster

Fewture Aflodai Poster

Friday, September 7, 2007

No new pictures!

Sorry, No new pictures for a while. I'm saving up for a new camera so I don't have to borrow my Nikon D70. I'll be purchasing a D40 shortly. Expect new blog posts to be covering existing flickr photos or newly modified pics.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Huffer vs Devastator

Classics Devastator is so much better with kickback as his arm. I do enjoy the dual crane limbs, though.

Devastator's Night on the Town

Devastator's Night on the Town

Devastator's Night on the Town

A Day in the life of Alternators Ravage...

Alt Ravage

Alt Ravage

Alt Ravage in a private moment

Scaredy Cat

Oh that wacky ravage

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prowl retouched

Prowl retouched, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

This is a posterized picture of Alt Prowl that I really like.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fire Convoy

Fire Convoy, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Fire Convoy was a great design for the new prime. It's still one of my favorites. After I took these pictures I polished this figure with some plastic polish. You just don't notice how scratched things get until you take a picture of it.


Raideen, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

This is a photo dedicated to Tim Brisko, just a guy who loves to take pictures of toys. He does all sorts of cool photoshop tricks with his pictures, but I don't even have a copy of photoshop. This one is just a straight photo. He has a style with old toys that makes them very interesting to look at.

All hail Starscream

Here's an action shot of SS's new hands and Minigun. Watch out, Optimus!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Emperor's New Hands

Here's some posed pictures of Starscream's hands in progress. The bad news about the build is that they are just too slow to be affordable at the level I want them to be. Without spending more time and effort on startup, the hands are going to remain unique pieces. That's not to say I wouldn't make someone a pair if they gave me money for them, but I won't be able to go ahead and make a bunch like I had planned.
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Starscream's Hands. I'm still working on the poses. These are really prototypes, not finished products. I'm hoping to make a trial run of 5 sets, but I'm spending too much time on each set to make them affordable.

The middle fist is the balled up "I'm shooting my arm mounted minigun" fist. It can also just be a fist, but the natural open hands look better with the gorilla armed starscream.
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Truck mode Movie Optimus

Here is the corresponding picture of the truck mode. Not particularly good picture, but it'll do for now. This is a great figure.
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Finished Voyager Optimus

This is the finished optimus. Unfortunately I don't have my nice camera right now, so this is a camera phone picture.
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Custom Hands Movie Starscream

Custom Hands Movie Starscream, originally uploaded by Vaporware.

Everyone loves starscream. So much so, I decided to breakdown and buy the movie toys despite not having any money for such an endeavour. The first thing anyone said when I mentioned I was working on a custom starscream is ARE YOU MAKING HIM HANDS?? So I did.

I actually think the modelers working for Takara or wherever this was designed have some serious talent. They cram so much detail into their toys that the paint apps people are put in a tight spot.

Lonely Astrotrain

This photo is a detailed astrotrain. I ended up going a bit overboard with this one. The gold details are in fact gold leafed. Including his eyes. I still have some modifications I would do to him, but I decided to stop before I ruin it.

Movie Optimus

This is the toy that prompted me to go ahead and put a blog up. This Optimus is about half done. I've really only finished the torso in this picture.